From 5pm, Saturday 17th June at Torre Cider Farm (TA23 0LA)

Welcome to our first Torre Rocks music event featuring Piano Bike Girl and Swamp Stomp

The farm is open from 10am on the 17th, serving breakfast until 11:30, Lunch until 3pm and 14 hour smoked Pulled Pork baps and our home made, stone baked amazing pizzas throughout the afternoon and evening

Oh, and dont forget CIDER!

Piano Bike Girl

Chloe Marie Aston, otherwise knows as Piano Bike Girl will be first up from 5pm.  Chloe is a singer, songwriter from Devon who tours the South West England on a specialised bike she built with her dad that, yes has a piano on it! 

You can find out more information about Chole from her website (link below).

Chloe Marie Aston


The Swamp Stomp String Band are not just another hillbilly-wannabe, country band…

Sure, there are twangy banjos, driving guitars, a honky-tonk piano, and a thudding double bass but these propel everything from drinking songs that will have the room stomping their feet and raising their flagons of cider, to ballads that will break even the toughest of folk.

They are seldom happier than when in front of a crowd, raising up a storm.

Taking a mixture of Country, Bluegrass, Ragtime and anything Americana, The Swamp Stomp String Band are a raucous and energetic travelling band renowned for their boisterous and bawdy, rough and rowdy, theatrically extravagant performances.

You can find out more information about Swamp Stomp from facebook (link below).

Swamp Stomp